Trinity Healthcare Residence offers an array of services and amenities designed to enhance your stay.

Our expansive and bright lobby is always the sitting area of choice for our patients and residents, and the beautiful porch right across the street with its charming white picket fence, is a preferred place for patients, residents and their family members to socialize and relax, giving them the peace of mind that our entire staff is at an arms length – should the need arise.

Our Select Dining provides our patients and residents choices at every meal, catering to their preferences and giving them a sense of empowerment.

Our amenities include:

  • Expansive Dining Room & Small Intimate Dining Area
  • Pet-Friendly Facility
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Outdoor Courtyards
  • Spacious Lounges & Common Areas
  • Stimulating Recreation Program
  • Transportation to Medical Appointments

Golden Age Healthcare Residence